The Trifectas of Internet Marketing

There are many elements that factor into the success of Internet marketing, which is why this infographic shows the trifectas of each element. The four elements discussed in this infographic are onsite SEO, offsite SEO, sponsored links (pay per click), and social media.

For onsite SEO, title tags, page description, and on-page content are among the three necessary factors. In offsite SEO, links need to be acquired from a variety of sources, there needs to be diverse anchor text and a backlink profile should always be growing.

Sponsored links, which can also be referred to as pay-per-click, high-quality scores, budget, and robust ad groups and keywords are needed.

Finally, in social media, message distribution, listening, and social engagement are the elements needed in order to make your social media efforts a hit with your target audience. With the trifectas of Internet marketing, you can rest assured that you’ll have impressive results as long as each element is accurately executed.

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