About Us

Our History

The journey of Webperties.com was launched in the fall of 1999. After attending an insurance conference and hearing the CEO of his former employer speak about the need to galvanize the information superhighway, our founder returned home, gobbled up and learned everything he could regarding online marketing. 

A year later, what started off as a personal website to generate leads for his insurance agency, grew into a platform that served over five thousand agents nationwide. This journey for us became a lifelong passion.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve had the good fortune of working on marketing initiatives across a great number of channels and for clients in almost every vertical. From guerrilla marketing to complex search bidding algorithms, from mom and pop operators to national franchise brands. Our time in the industry has provided the insights and experience that helps us build exceptional marketing systems for our clients today.

our history
Our Outlook

Our Outlook

Our methodology is tested, proven and constantly updated to stay current with the latest changes of the major search engines, social media platforms, and consumer trends. However, we must remain passionate about learning and continuously evolve in order to deliver a superior product and access to the most profitable channels for our clients and partners. 

We continue to invest in the best technology and brightest talent to ensure our agency remains relevant and competitive within our industry. As we look into the future, we feel the best is yet to come. 

Our agency is delighted by the opportunity to assist our clients in the implementation of their online marketing strategies and are pleased to provide advice that translates into increased business. We feel blessed that we can create value and deliver results doing what we love most: Helping businesses generate a dependable flow of well-qualified prospects and sales at a reasonable cost.