Domain Acquisitions

Own Unique Digital Real Estate

Domain names are the real estate of the digital realm and owning a great domain name is like setting up shop on Main Street. 

A premium domain is an investment in your brand. Your domain is 100% unique to you and once you own it, nobody else can.

Premium domain names are a combination of the most common words or phrases for a given product or service. They are easy to remember and they allow brands to capture mind share and market share at a lower cost per media dollar spent because the keywords that make up premium domains already exist in the minds of consumers.

Premium category defining domains naturally confer top of mind awareness because consumers think of products or services generically before they think of a company or brand.

The average price of a premium domain hovers between $25k to $50K as a one time investment. Compare that to the ongoing marketing costs associated with Billboards ($150K), TV ($140K), Radio ($30K), or a quarter page in the Newspaper ($60K).

Visionary brands can secure their competitive advantage by acquiring category defining premium domains. These domains have high commercial intent because of the keywords that comprise them. That’s the secret to attracting the traffic that is looking to conduct a transaction.

You should own your category’s .com whenever possible.

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The benefits of owning a top level premium domain

Whether you decide to develop a unique destination on your new domain or simply forward it to your current website, a premium, top level domain will help improve: 


Gain an instant online brand that continues to define your reach both on and off line. ​


Premium top level domains have built-in credibility, trust and authority.


Premium top level domains are easy to remember, so customers can easily find you.


Receive more traffic from direct navigation without spending one dollar in marketing.

Better Rankings

Potential for higher rankings, increased SEO value, and site traffic.

Higher CTRs

Will result in reduced PPC costs through improved click thru rates and quality scores.

Marketing Costs

Reduced costs leading to higher Return on Ad Spend and Return on Investment

Enterprise Value​

Premium domains are in limited supply; it’s an asset that appreciates over time.​

Premium Top Level Domains Owned by Notable Brands

Notable Brands

Domains are an investment in your Brand

Whether you are acquiring a premium domain for an offensive or defensive purpose, one thing is for certain, there’s a tactical advantage in acquiring an exact match domain name that describes exactly what you do and acknowledges the generic commercial intent of your visitors.

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