7 Reasons to Embrace Online Culture

Online culture is here to stay and here are 7 reasons why we should embrace it! Don’t be left behind because 85% of customers now expect for businesses to not only have a social media page, but to also be engaging and active.

Be dedicated to all aspects of your marketing efforts and think about these 7 reasons to embrace social media:

1)   2 billion people are online. Are you?

2)   Show you’re human to your audience. Use your pages to build relationships.

3)   What’s the ROI of social media? Can you afford not to communicate with your customers if they’re looking for you?

4)   Are you blogging to encourage purchase? 68% of email subscribers and twitter followers are likely to make a purchase!

5)   Are you listening and responding to your customers? Even complaints?

6)   Don’t count on likes and followers, count on interactions!

7)   Fail to plan and plan to fail.

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